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Exams & Teeth Cleaning

Preventive care is very important to keep you away from major oral health problems. A common misconception is that you only need to see the dentist when there’s a problem.

At Blue Brush Dental, our goal is to establish routine dental care and provide what is best for your oral health and keep your teeth in good condition in a long run. Lost teeth never grows again. Let’s protect your asset together.


Even with solid brushing and flossing, food and debris can get missed. Fluoride restores minerals to tooth surfaces where bacteria may have eroded the enamel.


Sealants add clear coating over the gaps and grooves of the teeth, forming a protective shield against cavities. They are just another super easy and inexpensive way to maintain your optimal oral health.

Pediatric Services

According to the CDC, tooth decay is the number one most commonly occurring infectious disease among children. This leads to children experiencing toothaches in high numbers and experiencing overall discomfort. A child should see a dentist when the first tooth appears or on his/her first birthday to prevent dental problems. Your child’s first visit is a dental well-care visit, allowing parents opportunity to ask questions in caring of your child’s dental health and development. The dentist will perform oral examination and provide oral hygiene instructions, and also inform you if growth & orthodontic evaluation is needed.